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Per their sugestion, we paid for insurance coverage for our furniture. This insurance has poor customer service and Furniture Row has done nothing about changing or providing the customer with an insurance that helps, or at least replies to the customer and NOT just ignores all the calls and customer concerns and issues. Not happy with WHITEBOTTLING insurance company for furniture row, and... Read more

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Just having a bad experience about our rewards dollars waiting to buy coffee table and end tables so I can used that toward that been over a month since we bought the $3000 matteress and still have not heard anything it was told to us it only takes a couple of weeks to three so was the reward dollars just a gimmet Read more

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Long story short, it was never explained to me by the salesman that Furniture Row's financing was just an awful Furniture Row-only credit card serviced by Capital One. I thought it was an in-house line of credit through Furniture Row. Had the salesman bothered to explain that to me, I would not have financed with them. I would have applied for a credit card I could use anywhere. I was cleared for... Read more

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Buyer beware as we have had this couch for 2 years and the leather is ripping in random spots on both sections. Not small tears either as some of leather peals are the size of a dollar bill. Now, I know what you are thinking that “they” probably used and abused the couch in those years; however, it is just my wife and I who sit on it after work in a household with no children or pets. We did not... Read more

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We bought a four piece set from Furniture row on Nov 11 2015. We were told it would be the last week of Nov or first week of December. We didn't get it until 12/15. We sat on the floor for a week waiting on it!!! Then we get it and the chair is broken! The whole frame and it was completely obvious but they just left it! I call and they offer to send a new one... ok... so day 17 of having this... Read more

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Not only did the furniture we ordered (and paid for in full) show up months after the 2 week timeline we were given, but the wood was cracked in multiple places. The desk in particular had a large crack down the front and a crack in the wood that connected two drawers. I will never purchase anything from Furniture Row again--no matter how cute it looks. Read more

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We purchased appx 4,500 in sofas and beds. Had a problem with a section of my sofa. This was replaced promptly and no charge for delivery. Now problem with a bed, called in and they ordered a replacement. But the manager Chris wants $85 to deliver and pick up the damaged bed..... That is terrible customer service!!! This is the Bedroom Expressions in Draper Utah. I will now have to arrange for a... Read more

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I have had issues ongoing with these people for four months now. The FIRST time I had furniture delivered, one of my bookcases was damaged (they tried to hide the damaged area and I didn't see it until they left). They didn't even put the trim on the bookcases and I had to make them cut the boxes out from under them. To this day, the trim is not on them...I am not physically able to do it by... Read more

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We paid $400 for a chair on August 1st. By October 10th, it was falling apart. When I called the store to ask for a refund they said that they don't give refunds or exchanges on floor items. They also said, "What do you expect at that price point?" like I'd bought a ten dollar lawn chair from the Dollar Store. I said, "You don't expect a $400 chair to last more than a month?", and the salesman... Read more

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Last April I purchased a couch from sofa mart/furniture row. It arrived 7 weeks later (special order)filthy dirty. When I complained the response I got was "didn't you order the cleaning kit" . I was not about to accept a brand new couch that I paid a great deal of money for dirty so they reordered another one for me. 4 MONTHS later it arrived on Saturday and looked like it had been drug thru... Read more

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