I purchased a room of furniture on 10/5/11. The sale promotion was for a 50" T.V. through Best Buy. I picked up the grouping on 10/16/11. I was told to wait 5 days and contact Best Buy for the T.V. I did.

I contacted Best Buy and they don't have me loaded in the system. I contacted Furniture row and spoke with Dave. He indicated the information didn't go into the system correctly and sent an email to his Regional Mgr. He recommended me to contact Best Buy again and they still didn't have the information. They told me information is uploaded every day after 4:00pm.

I have spent 11 days back and forth with Furnitue row and Best Buy. My sistuation still had not be resolved. I have been very patient, only to find out patient people spend to much time waiting for results.

I ask that Region manager contact me with a game plan and news on when to expect results. My intentions were to purchase a t.v. console after I got the t.v. I don't think my request is unreasonable. Please "HELP"

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Just an FYI, it is probably a fluke in best buy's system. Because once your order is zeroed out in the row's system, it is processed over in best buy's. This process should only take 7 days.


Where are you located? I am having the same problem..

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