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Be wary of purchasing anything here.I purchased the Venice Sofa, Love Seat and Ottoman and spent about $2000 for it.

I love the set but am having warranty issues with it. I have a cushion that was not sewn properly and has a hole on each side of the cording that goes all the way around it and also have several areas where the fabric was not sewn tight and it is wrinkled on the arm and sides. Now mind you I have not even had the furniture for six months yet. I called to have these issues fixed and was told that I had to bring the furniture to the store for it to even be looked at.

So I am expected to load the furniture up and bring it to Wichita for them to look at and if they can fix it then I am without my furniture or my cushion until it is fixed and then I have to drive back to Wichita and pick it up and bring it back to my home. So I guess if I have company or anything while they are fixing it they will have to sit on the floor or sit on a couch with no back cushion?? I have NEVER in my life heard of a furniture company inconveniencing their customers like this.

I have purchased furniture from Havertys and Lazy Boy and both places have come to the house and made the repairs or ordered what needed to be ordered and at least left the furniture with me until it was received.The staff was great while you were in the store spending your money but God help you if you have a problem because that is exactly what it is "your problem" and they do nothing to help with it.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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You should have spent more money. In this day and age 2,000 for a set like that, expect issues


This comment comes a few years after review #461145 by fmvogel76.

We also went to FURNITURE ROW.

We bought the VENICE Sofa, Love Seat and Ottoman along with extended warranty. Paid 1,900+ (they discounted the ottoman).

So far no rips, but the fabric is loose and 'wrinkly" on the arms and pillow backs are oddly shaped now. I have tried shaking and fluffing the pillow backs but it doesn't make a difference.

We talked with an employee at Furniture Row about these issues, we got the same run around.


to Anonymous #1039019
Furniture Row Verified Representative


Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the condition of your sofa.We are so very sorry to hear about it and we would like to help.

If you could please visit Furniturerow.zendesk.com and fill out a form with your complaint, your contact information and the store location you shopped from, we can involve the store manager as well as the regional manager. Please include in the subject: Pissed Consumer Review. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Shelby P.

Furniture Row Digital Community Coordinator

Conway Springs, Kansas, United States #752715

Rose with Furniture Row Customer Service: I went to my local store here in Wichita, Kansas yesterday and spoke with the store manager a Mr.Fred Ryman.

He took the back cushion that had the hole in it and said that it was obviously a sewing issue and they would fix it but they wanted to keep the cushion for "about a week" I was not happy and asked if he really expected me to go without a cushion on the back of my couch for about a week and he said yes. I asked if I could schedule it and bring the cushion in and drop it off and maybe go do some shopping and then come back and get it as I do not live in town and do not want to go without a cushion until they get around to it and was told that is not the way it works. I also asked about the pictures I had emailed him of the wrinkles in my couch and was told that they could send an upholstery person to my house but I would have to pay for it. While I was there a man and his son were purchasing furniture and were told if they had a spot on their furniture someone would come out and take care of it so let me get this right, I bought the same extended warranty they did and someone will come to my house if I spill something on my furniture but when it comes to manufacture defects I have to be inconvenienced and load my furniture up and take it to the store and be without it for God only knows how long until they can get around to fixing it then go back and pick it back up and bring it back to my house and my family and...

you tell me, while they are taking care of something that is not even my fault and I shouldn't have to even be dealing with anyways??? Does this sound like good customer service to you?

Also there is no phone number listed anywhere for Customer Service just an email on a website.So I ask Rose with Customer Service, how is any of this good customer service that would make me want to EVER buy anything from your store again?

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Furniture Row Verified Representative

Hi there,

We are very sorry to hear you are having issues with your warranty with us. We would like to take this opportunity to help you and make things right. Could you please email Rose at CustomerService@FurnitureRow.com and let us know a) which location you purchased your sofa at and b) the best way to contact you? After we receive this, we will expedite the process to get you help as fast as possible.

Thank you,

Rose- Furniture Row Customer Service

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